What is Immersion: Women Founders?

Immersion: Women Founders is a 12-week, skill-building mentorship program for high potential women-led startups selected from startup communities across Europe including the UK and Israel.







For more diverse startup ecosystems

Why we support women founders

The program aims to address predominant challenges for women founders in the startup ecosystem, as unveiled in the Female Founders Monitor, with the aim to close the gender gap, ensuring more equal access to funding, and leveraging strong professional networks.

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Why we support women founders

Women Founders on the Rise

Introducing the Founders and Startups of our Fall 2020 Cohort

Blanca Vidal | Deplace

Deplace improves the home buying and selling service, making it more transparent, safe and economical through an integrated digital real estate platform.

Lee Butz | District Technology

District Technology is transforming workplace and building experiences by offering a frictionless digital layer to buildings that connect people to what they love in and around them.

Nina Julie Lepique | Femtasy

Femtasy is the first platform for sensual audios for women by taking a mind-first approach to sexuality. They are offering high-quality content made exclusively for women based on scientific data-driven research and putting it all under a brand women can identify with.

Francesca Hodgson | GoodBox

GoodBox is changing the world of philanthropy by leveraging innovation and the latest technology to better connect donor's with the causes they care about.

Pavlina Zychova | MyStay

MyStay digitize and automatize transactional processes in hotel receptions, communication with guests and upselling hotels services.

Sarah Henley | NextUpComedy

NextUp is transforming the market of live comedy by bringing a diverse range of incredible acts to a global audience of comedy fans via high-quality apps.

Kinga Jentetics | Publish Drive

Publish Drive is the platform for independent publishing success by providing the best digital publishing platform to publish, market, and manage royalties for ebooks, print, and audiobooks under one roof.

Zahra Shah | Seers

Seers is UK's leading privacy & consent management platform. They are delivering innovative digital solutions to help companies protect themselves and become compliant with privacy regulations (i.e. GDPR, PECR, CCPA, ePrivacy etc.) worldwide.

Maria-Liisa Bruckert | SQIN

SQIN is changing the $500 billion world of beauty retail by creating the world’s #1 beauty community app to build an entire new experience. We match the right beauty product to your analyzed skin at the right price to create an outstanding experience.

Yael Shemer | TULU

TULU is changing the world of rentals by providing 24/7 access to on-demand household and lifestyle products for rent in the members' last mile, changing the way people use and consume stuff through a digital and physical platform that personalizes the entire process and promoting a more responsible way of consumption.

Zuzanna Sielicka Kalczyńska | Whisbear

Whisbear is changing the world of baby products by introducing smart solutions and innovation to baby sleep aids. Our expertise in the baby sleep field and creativity, together with understanding consumer needs, help us to make multi-awarded baby products.

Building strong networks

Alumni from our past cohorts

Kamile Jokubaite | Attention Insight

Attention Insight boosts online marketing campaign performance with pre-launch design analytics through instant, data collection-free campaign testing, allowing you to see design through the eyes of users.

Michelle Skodowski | BOTfriends

BOTfriends offers a conversational middleware platform that helps companies manage, maintain and configure chat- and voicebot solutions across enterprises in a scalable and flexible way.

Anna Von Stackelberg | Doctorly

Doctorly provides all of the digital technology, tools, and support, via a single system, for a doctor to efficiently and digitally manage their practice, and to engage with their patients like never before.

Rasa Gentvilaite-Ziemiene | Dogo

Dogo app is the dog trainer in your pocket that allows you to strengthen your friendship with training.

Lara von Petersdorff-Campen | Evermood

Evermood unites all employee support services in one place optimizing the communication, use and collaboration of existing services and contacts.

Jennifer Baum-Minkus | gitti

gitti is re-shaping the beauty industry by delivering new, innovative products and empowering people to embrace their true-self.

Dr. Stanimira Markova | GREENbimlabs

GREENbimlabs develops software solutions for the elimination of hazard, resource waste and life cycle costs in buildings and urban spaces.

Deborah Choi | horticure

horticure is a platform for plants and plant care, on a mission to green up indoor spaces, everywhere.

Dora Palfi | imagiLabs

imagiLabs is equipping and empowering girls to shape the future with tech through smart accessories to engage them through a mobile platform and a community of girls interested in STEM.

Dr. Elena Kokkinara | Inflight VR

Inflight VR is the leading Virtual Reality solution provider for the travel industry.

Dr. Emily Jordan | Intrepida

Intrepida's product, Ancora.ai, is an AI-powered, online platform that helps patients search for, match with and connect to clinical trials with just a few clicks.

Victoria Engelhardt | Keleya

Keleya is a pregnancy app that is changing the world of pregnancy and motherhood by empowering women and their partners across the world to have a safe and joyful pregnancy experience.

Alina Bassi | Kleiderly

Kleiderly has developed a technology to recycle unwanted textiles into a material that replaces plastics from crude oil. By diverting clothing waste away from landfills and incinerators, a circular economy is created to lower the carbon footprint from the fashion industry and save tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Leonora Beyhl | Landopay

Landopay centralizes expenses and purchases within a single lean user interface.

Jenny Podewils | Leapsome

Leapsome combines tools for Goals & OKRs Management, Performance Reviews and 360s, Employee Engagement Surveys, Feedback & Praise, and 1-on-1 Meetings into one easy to use platform for Performance Management & Employee Engagement.

Marjorie Hernandez de Vogelsteller | LUKSO

LUKSO is a blockchain platform specifically created for the lifestyle industry, providing a decentralised innovation and trust infrastructure for fashion brands, startups and customers.

Laura Seiler | Lyght Living

Lyght Living provides easy access to trendy interior products without the burden of ownership in a flexible way.

Josephine Bayer | Nuri

Nuri is an online shop for healthy and nutrient-rich complementary foods, including portionable frozen baby food, which is healthy and convenient for parents at the same time.

Dr. Kati Ernst | Ooshi

ooshi is a female empowerment company and Germany's leading brand for period underwear.

Melanie Aronson | Panion

Panion created an efficient keyword-searchable platform that makes it easy to find like-minded people nearby.

Anika Ochsenfahrt | Rehago

Rehago is a virtual reality application for independent training that can support the rehabilitation process of patients with diagnoses of partial paralysis to help them get back into their everyday lives faster.

Lisa Gradow | Usercentrics

Usercentrics' Consent Management Platform (CMP) enables you to harmonize your marketing and data strategy with legal requirements.

Laura Korcik | Vila Health

Vila Health is developing Digital Therapeutics (DTx) for the prevention of mental comorbidities in chronic disease patients.

Matilda von Gierke | Zalvus

Zalvus supports companies in their talent acquisition with the latest big data analytics & performance-marketing technologies.

Livia Zimermann de Araujo Durigan | Zero Waste Era

Zero Waste Era sells sustainable cosmetics, without single use plastics, which are refilled in the back of a cargo bike that comes to you.

Diana Rees | ZkSystems

ZkSystems software makes it possible for leading industrial manufacturers to offer industrial equipment in service-based models.

Leitha Matz | Zuper

Zuper is the data-driven mobile app that helps people do more with their money, offering control and insights across bank accounts and helping them to manage their financial lives with automatic categorization and budgeting, timely notifications and smart insights.

Women Founders on the Rise

Introducing the Founders and Startups of our Spring 2020 Cohort

Tatiana Chapovalova | BESPACED

BESPACED is providing an infrastructure and technology solution for short term rentals in real estate making the spaces more fluid, space utilization more efficient and cities more smart.

Charlotte Kufus | Legal OS

Legal OS provides a new data-driven infrastructure for legal firms to structure their knowledge in a digital, interactive database in order to automate the creation, workflow, and management of contracts.

Hanna Marie Asmussen | Localyze

Localyze is software that streamlines international mobility management for companies and offers employee mobility as a service to a growing client base, including companies like BCG DV and N26.

Diane Delava | mattrvest

mattrvest helps millennials secure their financial future while connecting them with sustainable finance products in the market via a smart chatbot, using money management algorithms to simplify financial planning and savings management.

Dr. Nina Patrick | MiProbes

MiProbes is developing an easy-to-use, low cost, and portable test for COVID-19 that would give a response in less than 1 hour by using a smart bio-ink.

Alexandra Böhmer | Nepos

Nepos provides easy access to technology for Gen65+, by integrating every existing digital service into their universal interface, allowing seniors to access all their favourite online services in one place.

Dr. Vivien Dollinger | ObjectBox

ObjectBox is changing the world of Mobile and IoT by enabling Edge Computing with a database and synchronization solution 10X faster than any alternative and an exceptionally small footprint.

Paulina Olsson | Peppy Pals

Peppy Pals teaches kids ages 2-6 about social and emotional learning through storytelling and humor via language-free games, books and movies developed with kids, psychologists and researchers.

Dr. Naja von Schmude | Peregrine Technologies

Peregrine Technologies is developing an AI technology to support insurers and transportation services by enabling cameras to gain real-time data and awareness of the surrounding world, creating a superior data set for advanced mobility analytics.

Annik Wolf | Steps

Steps provides effective medical aid to tackle foot malposition via affordable custom insoles online, enabling everyone to support their feet in a unique way.

Valerie Bures-Bönström | etone motion analysis / VAHA

VAHA brings flow to people's life by providing access to personalized, immersive training sessions for body, mind, and nutrition at home via an interactive mirror.

Klaudia Bachinger | WisR

WisR is a flexjobs platform for senior talents around the globe, offering an enterprise solution for corporates to stay in touch with their own pool of retired experts and enable easy access to a skilled workforce on demand.

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